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A diagnosis of Alpha Mannosidosis can have a considerable emotional impact on patients and caregivers.

Disease information

Alpha Mannosidosis is a rare inherited disease that can cause children and adults to suffer from skeletal deformities, coarse facial features, hearing loss, cognitive

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Timely diagnosis of alpha mannosidosis is important as it can influence how well the individual does in the long-term…

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Your doctor may also refer the individual to see a metabolic disease specialist and/or clinical geneticist, who are more familiar with this rare condition.

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Facing the disease

At present, there is no cure for the condition, and in general, treatment for alpha mannosidosis is based on the presence and severity of the various…

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Join the Alpha Mannosidosis Community

You don’t need to face the challenges of Alpha Mannosidosis alone. There’s a supportive community out there that’s eager to provide information, compassion, and advice. When you’re feeling low (and there will be times), a host of organisations and support groups is just a few clicks away to provide support for your child and you. Patient organisations and support groups often provide both information and support from others who have been through similar diagnoses as a family.

Links are provided below to sites that you may wish to visit to help you to get further support from others who have been through similar experiences.

Patient organizations

 MetabERN ISMRD Lysosomal Diseases New Zealand

ISMRD is the international support group for Alpha Mannosidosis

Other MPS groups around the world will also offer support. MetabERN is a network of healthcare providers and patient groups across Europe, providing support for people with inherited metabolic disorders such as Alpha Mannosidosis.

Lysosomal Diseases New Zealand is the support group for families in New Zealand.

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